How to Create Unlimited Packages

Using Delenta's unlimited packages feature, you can now create subscriptions and membership packages for your client

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Whether you are creating a unique offering for a single client or group, or want to add this package to your landing page, you can create an unlimited package in your 'My Packages' section. Note: You will need to integrate with Stripe to create unlimited packages.

How to Create Unlimited (or rolling) Sessions in a Package

  1. Hover over 'New Package' and choose whether you'd like to create a one-to-one or group package. The following steps will assume it is a one-to-one package.

  2. In the Package Creation pop-up, under 'Session Type', choose whether you'd like this package to have a defined number of session or unlimited

3. Define an Expiry Date for the package. This will be the date beyond which a client can no longer book a session for this package. If you choose 'Unlimited Sessions', the client can book sessions up to the expiry date.

The next step is to set up your payment plans. By default there will be two payment options chosen. You can add up to 5 payment plans in total.

Setting up subscription payment plans

This article will show you how to create three different types of payment plan: full payment, unlimited (monthly) payments and a limited (monthly) payment plan.

1st Plan - Full Payment:

  1. Choose Full Payment from the dropdown menu

2. Define the full payment amount

2nd Plan - Limited (weekly) payments

  1. Choose the payment term from the dropdown menu - in this case we'll click weekly

  2. You will then see a dropdown that displays 'Limited Payment' by default

  3. Type in your chosen 'Amount' (the payment the customer will automatically make every week) and 'Payment Count' (the number of times the customer will be charged)

    The above example will be 5 payments of £50 (as GBP is the chosen currency)

3rd Plan - Unlimited (monthly) payments

  1. Click 'Add another payment option' below the 2nd plan

2. Choose the payment term from the dropdown menu - in this case we'll click monthly

3. Click where 'Limited Payment' appears by default, and choose 'Unlimited Payment' from the dropdown menu

4. Define the amount that will be debited from customer's bank account automatically and the recurrence (Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or daily) from the drop down.

In this case the customer will be charged £10 a month until you stop the payments

The next step is to publish the package. This is how the package payment options will be displayed on the package purchase page:

In the Client Contact page, you will see all sessions that have been booked/completed to date and be able to book your next session.

How to Cancel an Unlimited Payment Plan

  1. Go to your Client's Contact page by clicking 'View Details'

  2. Click on 'Payment History' on the tab at the top

  3. On the chosen package, click on the arrow on the right-hand side to view the details of the payment history

4. If you want to Pause the payment, click the grey pause icon. If you want to discontinue the payment, click on the red cancel icon.

5. Click 'Continue' on the pop-up asking if you'd like to cancel the payments

The package will now be tagged as 'Canceled' and your client will not be charged again - they will also receive an email letting them know that their next payment has been cancelled.

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