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How to customize your client's onboarding experience
How to customize your client's onboarding experience

Start customizing client onboarding experience with Delenta coaching platform.

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You can customize your client onboarding by adding your own personalized messages, brand colors and logo to welcome your clients to their dedicated client portal.

To do so:

First click on your profile icon on the top right of your Dashboard and select Settings and Privacy and then select Client Experience.

First, you will customise the client onboarding screen.

You can add your greeting message and a subtitle. Your client will see this greeting and subtitle as they create their client account. As you make changes, you'll be able to view the changes made via the preview box displayed on the right.

Once you’re happy with the greeting and subtitle for the onboarding screen, you can then move on to customising the client welcome message by clicking the next button.

Add your header message and then choose to add either a description or a video.

If you select Add Description, you will add a welcome note. You can also preview your message in the preview box. Select Save Changes once you’re happy.

If you have chosen to select Add Video you will then need to upload your video. If your video is already in your shared resources area in Delenta you can select it from there or you can upload the file from your device, select the video file from your shared resources and then click Add Selected Files. Once the file has been added, you will be able to see the video preview.

Remember to click Save Changes when you’re finished.

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