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How to create a note for the client
How to create a note for the client

Start sharing coach notes with your clients using Delenta coaching platform. Delenta you can capture all these notes in one central place.

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Coaches rely heavily on detailed session notes and key messages to provide effective guidance and support to their clients. Delenta offers a centralized platform for capturing and organizing these crucial insights, ensuring seamless communication between coaches and their clients.

Accessing and Creating Client Notes

  1. Navigate to Contacts page.

  2. Select the client whose notes you wish to access from your list of contacts. Select View Details.

  3. Select "+Add Note" in the Notes tab.

  4. Begin typing your thoughts, observations, or reflections in the provided text area.

  5. To include additional materials or documents, click on the "Attach File" option.

  6. If you wish to share it with the client, simply check the 'Share with client' option.

  • Shared notes are highlighted in orange, indicating visibility to both you and your client.

  • Private notes are not highlighted and remain confidential, visible only to you

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🚩 Other Features:

- Auto Save

Auto Save operates silently in the background, periodically saving your notes as you work. This means you no longer have to worry about manually saving your progress or losing valuable information due to unexpected events.

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- Client can comment to a shared note

Allowing clients to provide feedback and comments directly on shared notes.

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- Coach can reply to the client's comment (πŸ“’ New Feature)

Coaches can now directly comment on notes! Enhance collaboration and streamline communication within your team by providing feedback, asking questions, and sharing insights directly within the note itself.

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