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Create Coaching Engagements

A coaching engagement in Delenta is a coach package equivalent service that you can use to track your coaching sessions.

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What is Coaching Engagements?

A coaching engagement in Delenta is a coach package equivalent service that you can use to track your coaching sessions easily on Delenta.

Why Coaching Engagements?

There are several scenarios that you consider to use coaching Engagement in Delenta.

1. When you bring your existing clients to Delenta and if you want to track the remaining sessions

2. When someone purchased your services outside of Delenta (bank transfer, etc.).

You can simply invite that client to Delenta and create a Coaching Engagement to record the package and session information to track them.

3. When you sell multiple services (when you sell Group program with 1:1 programs) on Delenta you can create 1:1 programs as coaching engagements for the people who purchased 1:1 programs to track 1:1 sessions in addition to group sessions.

By creating a Coaching Engagement record on Delenta, you can start tracking these coaching engagements within Delenta, in the same way you would with a coaching package that's been purchased on Delenta.

For example if you're dealing with a corporate client who prefers to pay for your invoices via an offline method instead of using a credit card payment, then you'd use Delenta Coaching Engagements to bring in the transaction that took place offline and start tracking the paid sessions on Delenta.

You could also use Coaching Engagements to create free/pro-bono packages.

How to create a Coaching Engagement?

You can create engagements with clients and prospects to track packages they purchased offline/outside Delenta.

1. Go to My Contacts

2. Click on the View Details of the Client or the Prospect you're looking to create engagements for

3. Select Pckages and click Add a New Engagement button

4. Enter the coaching package name and the information ie. no. sessions, remaining sessions, duration of the session, date, price

NOTE: For free/pro-bono packages add a 0 dollar value to the PRICE field.

5. Once you save the Coaching Engagement it will be created under the client Coaching Engagement section and also added to the client's portal automatically.

Once a Coaching Engagement is created you are able to see the remaining sessions and track them through the portal.

How to create a session against a coaching engagement?

1. Once you have created your coaching engagement with remaining sessions, you will see this engagement appear on your package summary for session tracking. (See image below)

2. You can now click on SCHEDULE NOW link to schedule a session against the external package. Note how the package will automatically be selected for the session you will be creating.

Once the session is created, you will see the session appear on the package summary area with the tag 'EXTERNAL ENGAGEMENT' and also on My sessions area as a 'Package related appointment'.

How can my clients book a session against a coaching engagement?

1. Below image(Image 5) is a view of the your client's portal. It highlights how your client would see the coaching engagement appearing on their My Purchases area.

2. Your client/s would also be able to book a session with you for the coaching engagement as shown in the image below.

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