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How to set-up a group coaching session
How to set-up a group coaching session

Set up a group coaching session with Delenta coaching platform.

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STEP 1: Search for your group from My Contacts page and click on VIEW DETAILS.

STEP 2: Click on Meet icon from the group details area.

STEP 3: Setup group sessions using the dialog box below. Click Submit.

You can choose to create a Pro-Bono (Free session) or a Paid Packaged session.

Based on the package, a session number will be assigned to the session. For example, if the package consists of 5 sessions and you are scheduling the 1st of the 5 sessions, then the session will be identified as Session 1 of 5.

An email will be sent to all members of the group with the session details. A sample email sent to group members is shown in the image below.

STEP 4: The session will be recorded on Group Coaching Sessions tab in My Sessions page of your coach portal. Note the session number allocated for the paid packaged session.

All members of the group will see this session created on their client portal. They will be able to join the session by simply clicking on START SESSION button displayed for the session on their Delenta client dashboard (see image below).

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