How to add coaches

Delenta's all-in-one coaching platform allows you to add multiple coaches for one company

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Delenta allows you to invite coaches onto the platform so you can easily manage them from one place. You can do this straight from your Enterprise Portal dashboard.

Note: you should be Delenta Team or Enterprise subscriber to add additional coaches to your accounts.

In order add additional coaches please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Add Coaches on your dashboard

2. You will need to complete the Add Coach web form. Simply write the coach’s name and email address. You can also write a customised message

You coach will receive an email invitation asking for them to sign up to the coaching portal. This is how the email will look to the coach

Once they click ‘Accept’, Delenta will take them through a simple onboarding process.

  • Coaches have to set their password

  • They fill in their Coach Details. Delenta will ask what type of coach they are, ask them to add a description which will appear on their landing page, and what their expertise is.

  • They will then be taken to the Coach Portal. Here they be welcomed by a video telling them how to get started at Delenta, and have the ‘Let’s Get Started’ tutorial shown below.

As soon as they have completed these steps, they will appear on your Dashboard. If you click on the profile here (or in Coaches) you can check on their progress in setting up, and see their coaching activities.

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