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Mailerlite Integration with Delenta
Mailerlite Integration with Delenta
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Through the use of Delenta, it is simple to connect your coaching business with Mailerlite for your email automation needs.

You can instantly update your mailing lists with new leads and you can instantly add your customers to the Mailerlite subscriber list/group.

Prerequisite for connecting your MailerLite account to Delenta:

  • You must have at least one group created on MailerLite in order for the successful integration with your Delenta account.

How to integrate your Mailerlite account with Delenta

Step 1

Go to the integration tab on the left side.

Step 2

Follow the below steps to integrate Mailerlite.

Login to your MailerLite App and head to the Integrations page, which you can find on the left hand sidebar and click the Use button under MailerLite API.

Click on Generate New Token

Enter a name for the token, this could be any name memorable to you and click on Create Token.

Copy token and save it somewhere safe as this will not be available to view on the MailerLite platform.

As a final step go back to your Delenta Integrations page and paste the API token in the provided field.

Once you successfully logged in, you will be redirected to the Mailterlite dashboard. Add your Delenta client email address to circulate emails.

How to add your contacts to a specific group on Mailerlite?

Once you have successfully integrated with your MailerLite account, head to your My Contacts page on Delenta.

  1. Select Clients/Leads/ Prospects/Client or Lead Contacts you want to add to a specified list on MailerLite.

  2. Click on Mailing List button at the top right hand corner of the page and click on Add to Mailing List

3.Select the mailing list/group you want your clients/leads to be added into and click Add (See image below)

4. Your contacts will now be visible on the MailerLite group and the subscriber list.

How to define a default Mailing group on MailerLite to add all your new leads/contacts from Delenta?

  1. On your Delenta My Contacts page, click on Mailing List button and click Set Default Audience List

  2. Select the group you want to set as the default group.

Once this is setup, any new leads subscribing to your mailing list via the Availability booking page (See image below) on your Delenta Landing page will automatically be added to the Default group on MailerLite.

How to remove contacts from a Mailing List/Group on MailerLite?

  1. Select the contact/s that need removing from the Mailing group on MailerLite by simply ticking the checkboxes in front of your contact record.

  1. Now click on the Mailing List button and Remove from Mailing List option to remove them from the group.

  2. A confirmation message will appear confirming that the removal of the contact from the MailerLite group.

Get started on Mailerlite integration with Delenta:

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