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How to connect Delenta with Zapier
How to connect Delenta with Zapier

This describes the steps in connecting Delenta CRM data with another 3rd part software using Zapier integration

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We're excited to announce that we've just integrated our automation software, Zapier, with Delenta. This means that you can now automate work between Delenta and over 1,400 other apps using triggers and actions. For example, when there's a new contact in Delenta (trigger), you can add the contact to a Google spreadsheet (action) using Zapier. We hope this will make your work easier and more efficient!

Install the Zapier integration

In order to connect Zapier with your Delenta Contacts please visit to

  • Log in to your Zapier account.

  • In the upper right, click Make a Zap!

  • Once you select the application that you need to integrate with you can simply select the trigger options under Delenta.

Once you try to connect Delenta account to Zapier workflow you'll be asked to Sign in to Delenta through Zapier.

Then you'll be asked to enter the credentials to login to the Zapier account.

For the Username you need to enter the Delenta API ID and Password is API Secret.

You can find these information in Delenta Coach portal --> Settings --> Login and Security section. (See Image below)

Copy the API ID and enter in the Username box and copy API Secret and enter into the Password box of the Zapier Delenta Authentication screen.

Enter API ID, and API Secret key on to the Delenta Login on Zapier side as below:

See the video below to find the API information to login to Delenta through Zapier.

Once you're done creating the Delenta record template, click the blue "Continue" button. Zapier will then prompt you to test your action.

For testing this particular action, you should not only see that your test was successful in Zapier, but you can also see a newly created record in the Airtable base you specified.

If everything looks good you can turn your Zap on, and now every time you perform a certain a task on Delenta realted to your CRM it will trigger a specific action on your 3rd party software system.

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