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How Contract Signing/E-Signatures Works
How Contract Signing/E-Signatures Works

Request clients to sign your contracts digitally on Delenta

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How do I create a contract in Delenta?

Contracts are associated with clients. Go to your My Contacts page and select the client you want to create the contract with and click VIEW DETAILS.

You will find contacts in the 'contract' tab.

Note: Currently contracts can only be created with Active CLIENTS and Prospects. Contract creation for other types of contacts will be available soon on Delenta.

How do I customize certain fields in my contract?

Because Delenta contracts are specific to your client, you can customise certain fields like, client name, address and email (or you can skip these specific details and just put in the general terms of working with you). You cannot customise any fields to be filled out within the contract.

Where in the client onboarding process do contracts live?

From your client's perspective, the flow works like this.

  1. Client / Prospect receives an invitation from you to join your coaching portal

  2. Client/Prospect accepts and registers on to a portal.

  3. Client/Prospect receives a contract from you to sign

  4. Once agreed, a package/course link is shared with the client to make a payment and start booking sessions or to receive course content. Or you can simply start scheduling sessions for a package on your client's behalf.

You can also create contracts and share with clients after they purchase/register on a package or a course for completeness and to have all docs in place on record before you start a coaching engagement with a client.

How do I create a contract?

You can either use an existing template or create a brand new contract.


  • You can save up to three contract templates.

  • We have provided you with ICF Sample coaching agreement template to get you started.

  1. Click on Use Template button if you are using an existing template, or Create New Contact if you are building a brand new one.

  2. Enter a Contract Title, and contract details into the provided text boxes.

  3. Modify contract by customising it using the magic tags provided. Place the magic tags within the contract.

  4. Preview it.

  5. Click Next to Customise your contract with your own branding. Upload a Logo and a footer with the recommended guidelines.

  6. Click Next to Sign the contract before sending it off to your client

  7. If you would like to Save the contract as a template to use it for next time you can do so by clicking on Save as Template at the bottom of the screen.

    Note: You can save up to 3 templates.

    ( NEW IMPROVED!) Upload a signature

  8. Sign your contract by entering your name or upload signature and the date. This will automatically add your Name or show your signature to the contract along with the date.

8. Click 'Send Contract'. Sending the contract will create the contract as a draft and saves it as DRAFT.

9. In order to send this contract to your client, you need to Share it with them by clicking the three dots and from the drop down menu Share.

10. This will trigger an automated email from the system to the client informing them that a contract has been sent to them to sign .

11. Clicking Review and Sign will take the client to their client portal for signing.

What will my Client's see exactly?

Once your clients click on Review and Sign on the email they receive, they will be directed to the Contracts page on their dedicated coaching portal.

Your client will read through your contract then sign a signature page at the end by typing in their name.

Here is what the process will look like for them:

Once the contract is signed, you will receive a notification from Delenta. Your portal will be updated with the status and you can simply download the completed contract by clicking on the three dots and Download.

Your client can also do the same by downloading the complete contract from their portal.

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