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Working with your Contacts

Managing, tracking and working with your my contacts list on Delenta

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My Contacts is an area dedicated to tracking and managing all of your contacts and their information. My Contacts is the place to go to invite and manage clients, prospects and leads as well as add contacts.

How to Add Contacts?

A Contact is a record of an individual’s personal information such as their name, email address and phone number. Contact records are merely for tracking purposes and act as a simple list.

A contact record can be categorised as a client contact or prospect contact based on the coaching relationship. For example, if a contact had been a past client of yours, this contact can be added to your tracking record as a Client Contact. A Prospect Contact could be a potential prospect, who you could use in your marketing campaigns and approach with promotions.

You can create a contact or import contacts with a CSV file.

Invite Clients enables you to invite your own active clients or a prospects to the platform.

How to invite a clients?

If you need to offer your clients or prospects with a dedicated portal, so they can check progress and access shared resources then you may want to consider inviting them as clients/ prospects.

Note: There is no difference on the user experience of a client and a prospect record.

  1. Click on the Invite Clients button.

  2. Enter their Name and Email Address into the form.

  3. Select the Client Type. If they are an existing client select Client, if they are not then select Prospect from the dropdown menu.

You have the option to send a specific message to the client or prospect you are inviting. They will receive this message in the invitation email. To preview the invitation click on the preview


Once you’re happy with the invitation email you can click Invite Now to send.

Once the email has been sent you will receive a confirmation message.

Managing Contacts

You can keep track of your contacts by filtering using different contact types as well as sorting by name, date created and next session date.

There are different type of contacts that you can have

  • Clients - A customer receiving a paid service on Delenta, and therefore are automatically invited to a dedicated Delenta client portal.

  • Client contact - A previous client, who is not currently paying for a service.

  • Invited Client - A Client who has not yet accepted your invitation to a dedicated Delenta client portal.

  • Prospects - A potential Client who owns a dedicated Delenta client portal.

  • Prospect contact - A Lead or a potential client, which you would like to keep a track of for future promotional activities.

  • Invited Prospect - A potential Client who has not yet accepted your invitation to the client portal

  • Lead - A potential future Client or a prospect

  • Archived - A prospect or client who is no longer actively using your services which you have archived

You can easily manage your contacts in the My Contacts area. You can edit their information as well as add notes and tasks.

You can archive a contact by selecting the contact and clicking the Archive button. Learn how to archive a client.

Note: You can only archive a Client or a Prospect contact type. Archiving a client or a prospect will allow you to keep your Client or Prospect contact without having to compromise on the client/prospect contact limit associated with your Delenta Subscription. To learn more about your current subscription limitations please visit

Archived contacts can easily be restored to the platform by clicking Restore. When a contact has been archived you can view all the current details and information such as previous tasks, payments and packages with that contact, but you will not be able to make any changes or additions to their contact once it has been archived.

You can also delete a contact. However, you can always restore this contact and they will return to your My Contacts area as the same status when they were removed. When deleting a contact, they will no longer appear in My Contacts but their data will be kept for 30 days before being permanently deleted from the database.

In your contacts record, you can create and share session notes with your client, assign tasks to your clients, create appointments with your Clients and view details such as payments and purchased coaching packages. You can also create coaching engagements, which are coach packages or services purchased outside of Delenta by your client. You can easily message a client directly from My Contacts.

You can also build your mailing list by adding your contacts in Delenta to your MailChimp mailing list. Learn how to integrate MailChimp and build your mailing list using Delenta.

Prepare Everything Your Clients Need Pre-Onboarding to Your Portal

As a coach, your goal is to provide a smooth and efficient onboarding experience for your clients. With Delenta, you can achieve this by pre-creating all the necessary resources for your clients before they even register on your coaching platform. This proactive approach ensures that from day one, your clients have everything they need at their fingertips, allowing them to start working immediately and effectively.

You can create and organise resources for each client by searching their contact record on the Contacts page and selecting "VIEW DETAILS."

Creating and Sharing Coaching Notes

• Sharing Notes: To share notes, navigate to the Notes tab and click "+Add Note." If you want to share the note immediately, select the 'Share with [Contact_name]' option, which will send an automated email to your contact with the note's content. Alternatively, you can choose to withhold sharing the note until they register on your portal.

Assigning Tasks and Goals:

• Tasks and Goals: Similar to notes, you can assign tasks and goals to your contacts. This is done by clicking on the Tasks/Goals tab and creating the respective items. These tasks and goals will be emailed to your contacts and will be visible on their client portals upon registration.

Creating Packages and Contracts:

• Packages: To create a package, select the Packages tab and click on "+Add Engagement." This allows you to specify the number of sessions you want to assign to your client, enabling them to request sessions as soon as they join your coaching portal.

• Contracts: You can also prepare coaching contracts in advance. These contracts can be shared with your contacts immediately after they accept your invitation to register on your coaching portal.

By preparing all these resources in advance, you not only enhance your clients' efficiency but also demonstrate your own organization and foresight. This level of preparedness reflects positively on your coaching services, setting the stage for a successful coaching relationship.

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