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How to purchase your coaching packages direct from client's portal?
How to purchase your coaching packages direct from client's portal?

converting a prospect into a client once they purchase a coaching package

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When a prospect accepts a coaches invitation to join Delenta they gain access to the Delenta Client Portal which allows them to message the coach directly on the platform, create tasks and notes and have sessions with the coach.

As a prospect, they cannot book their own sessions directly via the Book Your Next Session button as an active coaching package is needed.

A coaching package can be purchased directly from a Coach's profile by clicking the coach profile icon on their dashboard. Once on the Coach's landing page, they can view the Coach's availability, available coaching packages and book a package.

To book a package

  1. Choose the package and click Book.

  2. Agree to the Terms & Conditions by checking the checkbox

  3. Then click Continue to PayPal and confirm your email address

  4. Once the email address has been confirmed click Continue to PayPal again to pay

  5. Pay either via PayPal or by Debit or Credit Card

After successfully, purchasing a package they will receive a confirmation message and email and can view the package shortly in My Purchases. Once a coaching package is purchased, the prospect automatically becomes a client. The Book Your Next Session button will then become active and they can schedule their own sessions according to the Coach's availability.

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