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How to setup Group Coaching Package
How to setup Group Coaching Package

Create a group coaching package and groups

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Creating a group coaching package follows the same steps as creating an individual coaching package. In addition to including details such as package title, description and payment options for a group coaching package you will need to include the group size as well as the session schedule.

Sessions can be either Limited or Unlimited (See image below)

Once you have included all the information in your coaching package you can create and publish the package.

If you are connected to Stripe, you also have the option of setting up unlimited payments.

On your profile, group coaching sessions can be identified by an orange group icon as shown below.

As soon as you have a coaching package created, Delenta will automatically create a Group linking the package, in your My Contacts area. Anyone purchasing your Group Package on Delenta will then automatically be added as members to this group.

You can also manually create a Group that is not connected any Group Coaching package. These groups could be used to have free sessions, assign group tasks and share notes with a group of clients or prospective clients.

See more information about How to setup a group in Delenta.

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