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Record, organize and share coach notes with your clients.
Record, organize and share coach notes with your clients.

Start sharing coach notes with your clients using Delenta coaching platform. Delenta you can capture all these notes in one central place.

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Most coaches will have some form of dedicated coaching notebook to capture session notes, themes, key messages, special remarks relevant to their clients.

On Delenta you can capture all these notes in one central place and also share these notes with your clients if required.

How to record and organize your coach notes

  1. Go to My Contacts Page

2. Click on the contact you want the coach notes to be added onto and click on VIEW DETAILS.

3. Go to Coach Notes tab

4. If this is your first time creating a note for the contact, click on Add your first note

5. Start by typing your notes, copying and pasting from a document on your device or copying a web clipped note and pasting into the text editor.

6. Click on Save

7. Your coach note is now saved and time stamped for easy tracking, with the most recent note at the top of your list.

How to share a coach note with a client.

Once you have created your notes, you then have the option to either keep the note private to you or enable the sharing option, allowing your client to read your coach notes.

Note: You can ONLY share notes with Contacts who are CLIENTS or PROSPECTS.

  1. Start sharing a note by ticking the ‘Share with [Client Name]’ check box on the note you intend to share with your client/prospect.

The note will be shared with the client. Shared notes will be clearly highlighted (See below image) so you can easily distinguish between shared and private notes (My note).

2. All shared notes can be viewed by your client by logging into their Delenta Client portal.

Below image shows your client’s view of the shared note.

3. As soon as a note is shared with a client, they will also receive an email notification on this.

4. Your client will have the option to create a private note(My Note) or respond to a note shared by the coach by simply clicking on the Note to coach button displayed on their shared note (See image 6 above).

5. Your client’s response will appear on your coach portal as shown in Image 7 below. You will also receive an email notification informing you of your client’s response.

You can also assign tasks to your clients from My Contacts. Learn more here.

You can simply attach documents to notes by selecting the Attached File button under the note section. Learn more here.

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