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How to conduct sessions with your clients
How to conduct sessions with your clients

Conduct sessions with your clients effectively using Delenta coaching platform.

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All confirmed coaching sessions are shown in My Sessions as well as in Upcoming sessions on the dashboard. You will be able to see the date, time and duration of the session and when it is time to start the session this can be done by clicking the Start session button that is on the dashboard or in the My Sessions area.

Similarly, your clients will see their upcoming coaching sessions on their dashboard and in their My Sessions area of their client portal. They will also be able to join the session directly from these areas.

Both yourself and your clients, prospects or leads will receive email reminders about the upcoming sessions and you will also receive notifications on Delenta.

Once you start the session you will be redirected to Zoom where you will have your session. When your client joins the session you will be informed that they are in the Zoom waiting room and will be able to admit them and begin your session.

In My Sessions, you can also reschedule or cancel an upcoming session by clicking the settings button.

Once a session is completed it will appear in Completed Sessions. Session records in Completed Sessions are categorised with the following statuses:

Expired: - These are sessions that did not take place on time.

Cancelled: These are sessions that were cancelled by the coach or client.

Completed: These are sessions that were successfully completed and are recorded on Dashboard analytics and your coaching log.

This video explains how to conduct sessions with your clients

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