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Step 7: Schedule appointments
Scheduling Non Zoom sessions with your clients
Scheduling Non Zoom sessions with your clients

How to schedule a non-zoom sessions such as Google meet, Skype, In Person and telephone meetings with your clients on Delenta.

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With Delenta coaching platform you will have the ability to specify the type of session you are scheduling with your client, such as a face-to-face meeting, skype call, phone call, or Google Meet. Delenta has a direct integration with Zoom, and any zoom meetings scheduled on the platform will have it's unique zoom URL created automatically for you.

However, if you wish to conduct a non-zoom meeting you still can, however the process of scheduling the call is a bit more of a manual process.

Below are the steps to schedule a non-zoom meeting

  1. You can create appointments with your clients using the Create Appointment button in My Calendar or by using the Add Session button in My Sessions.

2. Select your non-zoom meeting type from the Meeting Type drop down as shown above.

Note: Please ensure to add your location and time details for your non-zoom meeting

If you are scheduling a Google Meet session, please add a link to the Google meet session in the field provided.

3. Scheduled meeting details will appear on my calendar/ dashboard section and in My Session as well.

My session : Place your cursor over the "start session" icon. The location information will be displayed at the top. Similarly, you will be able to obtain the scheduled Google meets link as well.

You will be able to check on upcoming coaching sessions on Delenta dashboard as well.

Once you have completed your non-zoom meeting, please note that Delenta will not automatically complete this session for you, therefore remember to manually mark your sessions as complete.

To do this, click on the cogwheel icon and click on Mark as Complete

Customer completed sessions will appear under "completed session" tab along with the type of session.

Once you have marked your non-zoom sessions as complete, they will automatically be added along with your zoom sessions to your coaching logs as shown in the image below:

How coaching sessions will appear on your clients profile

Details about scheduled coaching will appear on the client dashboard, as shown below.

Clients will be notified via email of the meeting details. Delenta will send Automated emails to clients when their coach cancels or reschedules their session also.

Alternatively, you can also create appointments directly from your client's contact in My Contacts.

Simply select the client that you'd like to create an appointment with and click the meet icon within their contact.

You can create free appointments with your clients or create appointments using the package your client has purchased.

When scheduling an appointment using a purchased coaching package, the number of remaining sessions automatically updates helping coaches to efficiently manage all paid sessions with clients. All these sessions will also be updated on your coaching log, so you can keep a track of your paid sessions vs. pro-bono sessions.

What is coming up on appointment scheduling?

  • Right now, only you as the coach have the ability to schedule non-zoom related meetings, your clients and leads can only request for Zoom meetings with you. We are currently working on giving this option for the client to request for non-zoom meetings via the client portal/landing page.

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