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How do I issue a refund to a customer through Stripe?
How do I issue a refund to a customer through Stripe?

Learn how to manually issue full or partial Stripe refunds using delenta coaching account

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Issuing a refund

All manual refunds must be done through your Stripe account dashboard. You can sign into your account at Click the Sign In link in the upper right corner.

(1) On your Stripe dashboard, click on Customers on the menu on the left

(2) Locate and click on the correct customer by their email address. You can reference the email address on their Schedulista client record on the Clients tab.

(3) On the Stripe customer record, scroll down to the Payments section

(4) Click on the appropriate payment

(5) On the details page for the payment, click the Refund button near the top

(6) In the Refund payment dialog, leave the full amount of the payment in the Refund field for a full refund or enter an amount for a partial refund

(7) Select a Reason for the refund from the drop-down menu

Note: Typically, "Requested by customer" will frequently be the reason.

(8) Enter more detail about the refund or reason for the refund in the text field

Note: This information will appear on the client's refund email.

(9) Click the Refund button

Stripe may require you to re-enter your password to authenticate and authorize the refund.

Canceling subscriptions/ Recurring Payment Plans

If the client is on a recurring payment plan and if you want to cancel the payment plan for a client please follow the below instructions.

Once you open the subscription, you can choose to Cancel subscription in the dropdown menu.

When you click Cancel subscription... you will be able to choose when to end the subscription: immediately, at the end of the period, or on a custom day.

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