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How to create a group package
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In the world of coaching and mentoring, offering group packages can be a highly effective way to reach more clients and provide value on a larger scale. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of creating group packages in Delenta.

Payment integration

For FREE Packages, you can skip this step. Before you start creating paid coaching packages, make sure you have connected your PayPal or Stripe account to Delenta. Go to the "Integrations" section and confirm that your payment method is properly connected.

Navigate to packages

Head over to the "Coaching Packages" on the left-side menu. Click on "New Package" to begin the process. Decide whether you want to create a one-to-one coaching package or a group coaching package. For this guide, we'll focus on creating an group coaching package.

Create a group coaching package

- Package Details

  • Enter the package Title and Description.

  • Enter the group size and the start date.

  • Attach your Terms and Conditions document (PDF format).

- Capture Phone Number

You have the option to activate the "Capture Phone Number" feature, which will automatically include it in the client information.

(When phone number is enabled, this is how it appears on the purchase page.)

- Select Session Type

  • Choose between limited or unlimited sessions.

  • For limited sessions, the expiration date is optional.

Note: With Unlimited Sessions, it is not possible to create multiple appointments with different durations.

- Limited Sessions

  • You can create multiple appointments with different durations.

  • Enter the number of sessions with the same duration and set the meeting location.

  • Select "Add Another Appointment Type" to add more sessions of different duration.

  • Repeat the process to customize different sessions within the same package.

Setting Up Payment Plans

- Package Type Selection

  • Start by choosing between a Free or Paid package.

- Free Packages

  • If you want to onboard clients without taking payment on Delenta.

  • Ideal for pre-paid packages for clients who have already purchased your services.

- Paid Packages

  • Enter the full package amount.

  • To offer flexible payment options, such as recurring Payment Plans, click on "Add another payment option."

  • Customize the payment structure by specifying the amount and payment count, tailoring it to your clients' needs.

Monthly Plan Example:

  • If you choose a Monthly plan, the specified amount will be debited monthly.

  • Both you and your client receive email notifications upon each successful debit.

  • Payment plans are activated on the day of purchase, and subsequent payments follow the recurrence/payment count.


If a client purchases on January 1st with a monthly plan, subsequent payments occur on February 1st, March 1st, and so forth until the specified recurrence/payment count is reached.

- Unlimited Packages

  • This is for ongoing subscriptions. In this option, you choose your sessions to be unlimited and your billing type to be unlimited with a recurring option. Your clients will be automatically billed based on your recurring type (Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or daily) until they cancel their subscription on the package by requesting a cancellation via the client portal.

Check this article for detailed instructions on how to set up payment plans for your packages and courses.

Linking a Course to a Package

  • Toggle the switch to add the course to the package.

  • Click on the dropdown menu provided to select the course you want to connect to the package.

  • Keep in mind that you can link only one course to each package. Select the most relevant course to complement the package offering.

Note: The course must be published to appear in the selection.

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