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Direct Sync with your Google Calendar
Direct Sync with your Google Calendar

How to set up your google calendar integration with your Delenta coach account.

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To set up your Google Integration you can go to the Integration connect Google.

NOTE: With Delenta you can only connect with either Outlook or Google. For outlook integration please refer to

Clicking the button to go sync with Google brings you to first login to your preferred Google account, if you are not already logged in and a simple process to authorize Delenta to manage your calendar.

It is important to note, when connecting to your Gmail account the following permissions are granted in order for the integration to work properly.

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Assuming you click 'Continue', you'll be bounced back to Delenta for the final step:

  • Choosing which (if any) calendar you'd like Delenta to read from to determine your precise availability.

    NOTE: By default Delenta will publish your coaching appointments to your default or main Google calendar.

  • You can also select which calendar you would like your Delenta events added to.

    NOTE: you can only publish events to one connected calendar.

And that's all!. With just a few clicks you can be fully synced with your Google calendar in under a minute.

For easy reference, the calendars you select on the Integrations page will also appear on your calendar page.

After following the above steps, make sure that you have syncing enabled on both directions from the calendar settings page:

Once you have the checkboxes ticked, you will see all your Google events displayed on your Delenta calendar.

If you want to change the selection of the calendars and SAVE your selection, go to Integrations page and click on the cogwheel icon to bring up the calendar selection pop-up :

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