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How to add and manage content on your course
How to add and manage content on your course
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After creating a course, you can now add sections to enhance the structure and improve client understanding. Organize course content within these sections to ensure a seamless progression of skills, addressing the learning objectives effectively.

  1. Click on the "Add Section" button and enter your section title. Note. You can always go back to edit or make changes whenever needed.

  2. When adding course content, include a title, description, content duration and choose the content type: document, video, MP3, Vimeo, or YouTube videos.

  3. Next, you'll upload and attach the content or add the YouTube/Vimeo video link. If the video or document is already available in your shared resources area on Delenta, you can select it from there. Otherwise, you can upload the file from your device, choose it from shared resources, and click "Add Selected Files."

  4. Keep repeating this process to add more course content and construct your course further.

In addition, you have the option to:

Rearrange and organize your content and sections

Easily drag and arrange content and sections to create your course structure.

Preview your course

Simply click the Preview button to easily preview your course.

Enable or disable downloads of course material

By default, the file's download setting is turned off. To enable the file, you must go to the 'Resources' page.

Clients will see a download icon to download the file.

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