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Managing, uploading and sharing documents
Managing, uploading and sharing documents

Share your resources like MP3, PDF, and other materials with your clients

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Upload Documents

In My Resources, you will find all documents that you’ve imported into Delenta from your computer.

You can easily upload documents to the My Resource area by clicking the Upload Files button.

You can easily share documents and folders with clients by first selecting a file and clicking on the Share with clients button.

When folders are shared, clients will see the folder and it's files and sub-folders in their My Resources section of the Client Portal. Every time you share a file or folder the Delenta will email the client to let him/ her know that you have shared a file with them.

Clients can download files by clicking on the download arrow button at the top right hand corner of their Resources page (See Image below). The download button will only be visible once selecting on the file that's required to be downloaded.

Disable clients from downloading files

Look for the Disable Download switch to avoid clients download files that you've shared with your clients.

Preview files

You and your clients able to preview files and play videos/ audio files without having to download.

Just select the file you'd like to preview and you'll see the file is loading in the button left corner. You can see the full preview by clicking the Full Preview button.

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