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Let's head over to Update Profile Page of your Delenta portal.

From here, you can personalize your profile, so your clients and prospects can learn more about you. These details will show on your profile landing page.

You can think of your landing page as a first introduction. To make the intro go smoothly, you can update your photo, name, and a paragraph or two describing yourself and your interests.


  • Photo: Some coaches use their LinkedIn photo, to keep their branding uniform.

  • Name: Feel free to add your role or company to your spot profile and connect all your social media accounts.

Step 1: Click on the profile picture in the top right hand corner of your Coach Dashboard.

Step 2:

As someone looking to coach/guide someone, your profile needs to accurately reflect your expertise and be welcoming so that people feel comfortable enough to reach out.

That’s why we suggest that your coach profile be of the highest standards and cover all aspects of your coaching business so we can match the right clients with you.

here’s what you have to do to produce a great profile:

1. Choose a Great Profile Photo

Having a high quality casual but professional profile image is very important. Having a friendly photo of yourself in your profile helps create trust and shows that you are a real person that clients can talk to. What is important here is to make you look personable and approachable as a coach.

  • Click on Edit button on your spot profile area to add a photo and your profile details.

  • Connect your Social Media accounts

    It’s not mandatory, but one way to show that you’re a real person with a genuine interest in coaching someone to achieve their goals is to committed to the community is to link up with your social profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • Add your website link, if you have one.

  • Click Save Changes

You can personalise the URL for your Delenta profile by updating it on the text box provided on the update profile page.

Note: Your custom URL must contain 6-100 letters or numbers. Avoid using spaces, symbols, or special characters.

2. Add a Banner Image and Video Content

Click on the Edit button on the Banner Image area to add a banner to your profile.

You can use this page to add all your videos and images related to your coaching. Adding content will give a boost to your profile, so spend some time connecting all your professional videos and images into your profile.

Simply click on ADD IMAGE OR VIDEO link to add a new YouTube Video or Vimeo Video and pictures from your device.

Note: Currently you can only add Videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

If you would like to make any of your images or videos in the gallery as the Primary video to display on your profile, click on SET PRIMARY checkbox of the media file. (See Image below)

3. Introduction

This is your opportunity to describe the type of person you are and your work with any significant experiences relating to coaching. Make it brief but specific to your area of coaching.

Click on Edit Introduction to customize the heading for this section and also to add a new introduction.

4. Areas of Expertise

Add expertise listings/subjects to your profile to make it easier for others to find you. These areas are usually related to your area of focus (Life and relationship, health & wellbeing, Business & Career), what you know best and what you have experience in. The more clear description you have on your expert area, the more likely you will be found by your ideal client.

5. Qualifications

Add your professional qualifications, related to your coaching career. This will give more credibility to your profile. These qualifications are being validated by the Delenta team, therefore don’t shy away from showing off.

6. Certifications

Make your profile stand out by adding showcasing your Licenses & certifications, awards and accreditations.

By default, certifications option is hidden from your profile. In order to add your certifications, you will first need to unhide the certifications section from the profile settings:

Once the Certification section is activated, you can simply click on +Add Certification button to select a digital certificate/ a badge from your device and insert to your profile page:

This is how it will be presented on your profile page:

7. Coach Availability

Your availability plan will be displayed in this section. For this, you will have to click on the My Calendar link (See image below), which will take you to your coach portal My Calendar area. If you haven't done already, you can start creating availability. See How to publish your availability for more help on how to create and publish your availability.

Click on the Edit button to customize the default text that is displayed in Coach Availability area.

By clicking on the copy icon on the top right hand corner in the Coach Availability section,

Hide/unhide selective sections of your profile page

If there are any areas on the template that you don’t want on your landing page, you can easily hide them from showing up.

Follow below mentioned steps.

1.Click on update profile section

2.By clicking on the “eye icon”. For example, if you are not offering Free Discovery Sessions as part of your offerings, you can simply hide the availability calendar from your landing page by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon.

You can create a form for your leads to complete when they request a discovery call. By clicking Lead forms and create your questions.

8. Coach Packages

Any coaching packages you have created through your coach portal will appear here. If you haven't done this already, click on 'Coaching Packages' link, which will take you to your coach portal to create packages.

You can also update the default text in this section by clicking Edit button.

9. Coach Certification

Showcase you credibility by adding certification logo that are relevant to your coaching career. It shows that you have met the standards of a reputable coaching organization, such as the International Coach Federation (ICF), and that you have acquired the competencies, ethics, and skills required for effective coaching.

For you to display the certification section you need to make sure that the section is enabled on the settings.

Note: The recommended size for the logo is in a 1:1 ration.

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