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How to customise client experience (Delenta Team/Enterprise)
How to customise client experience (Delenta Team/Enterprise)

Using Delenta's all-in-one coaching platform you can customise your client's onboarding experience

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This article describes how you can customise client experience by branding your Delenta account end-to-end.

Using Delenta, you can customise the onboarding process for your customers easiliy through a step by step process.

  • Firstly, hover over your picture in the top right corner and click ‘Settings & Privacy’.

  • Choose ‘Client Experience’. Here you can first choose what message your client sees when they first accept your invitation to join the Client Portal.

  • Then on step ‘2’ you can choose what your client sees when they first arrive on the portal. You can choose to add a welcome note, or you can even add a video

  • Then on step '3' you can add your company’s logo, so that when you share the link to sign up to the Delenta portal with your coaches and clients, your company remains front and centre.

    Note: this is feature is only available for Delenta Team/ Enterprise customers.

  • An example is shown below: As well as the logo, the page's colour will be the same as your primary colour.

Please see this article if you want to know more about how to customise & whitelabel your Delenta account with your own brand and themes.

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