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How to share documents with your coach
How to share documents with your coach
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Downloading files shared by your coach

Download files like pdf, docx and other various files from the client portal

Head to your Resources page on your client portal.

Locate the file that you need to download from the portal.

You can find all resources shared by your coach under My Resource area.

Once you locate the file you want to access, select the file and click the download button in the right top corner.

How to preview files shared by your coach

If download option is not available to you, you can simply preview the file on your portal by clicking on the document. The preview of the file will show up on the left hand side of the page with a button to expand the preview.

How to upload files to share with your coach.

Use the UPLOAD FILES button to share files with your coach. As soon as you share documents, your coach will be notified by the platform.

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