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How to set-up a group in Delenta?
How to set-up a group in Delenta?

Set up group coaching with Delenta coaching platform.

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Create a group coaching package follows the same steps as creating an individual coaching package. First, you should ensure that you have set up payment and connected either your Stripe or PayPal to Delenta, you can check this in Integrations.

Then go to My Packages select New Package and then

Fill in all the information for your group coaching packages such as the package title, description, whether it is a free or paid group coaching package as well as group size, the number and duration of the sessions and the start date.

If you have created a paid group coaching package then you need to determine the price and decide if you will offer payment plans

Once you have included all the information of your coaching package you can create and publish the package.

On your profile, group coaching sessions can be identified by an orange group icon as shown below

Once a client has purchased a group coaching package you will be able to create a session in My Sessions. The defined time you included in the session schedule when you created the package will be displayed and you will also be able to see the clients who have purchased this group coaching package.

This video describes how to create a group coaching package and schedule a group coaching session in your Delenta coaching platform

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