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Group Coaching - Overview
Group Coaching - Overview

Group coaching with Delenta is just as straightforward as one-to-one coaching.

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With Delenta, facilitating group coaching sessions and managing group members is made simple.

Upon setting up a group coaching package, groups are automatically generated. Alternatively, coach have the option to manually create groups within "My Contacts," although these groups will not be associated with any package.


- Schedule group sessions

Coordinating group meetings can be a hassle, but Delenta simplifies the process by allowing you to schedule sessions effortlessly. Set the time and date for your group sessions, ensuring that everyone can participate without confusion.

- See all members

Knowing who's in your group is important for fostering connections and collaboration. Delenta provides a clear list of all group members, making it easy to see who's involved and facilitating networking and relationship-building among participants.

- Create notes

In Delenta, you have the option to jot down your thoughts and reflections in private notes. Additionally, you can create a note and share it with the group, allowing members to comment on it.

- Create tasks

Delenta allows you to create tasks within your group, setting clear goals and milestones. Assign tasks to group members, track progress, and keep everyone accountable as you work towards your objectives.

- Share Files

Delenta makes it easy to share documents, presentations, and other files with your group. Whether you're sharing articles, templates, or case studies, file sharing enriches the group's knowledge and fosters collaborative learning.

- Group Chat

Delenta's group chat feature provides a platform for real-time discussions and support. Engage in conversations, ask questions, and offer feedback to your fellow group members, fostering open communication and mutual support.

To learn how to create a group package, please click here.

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