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How to import your contacts
How to import your contacts

Import all your contacts using a CSV file

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My Contacts is an area dedicated to viewing all of your contacts and their information.

A Contact is a record of an individual’s personal information such as their name, email address and phone number. Contacts records are merely for tracking purposes and act as a simple list. A contact record can be categorised as a client contact or prospect contact based on the coaching relationship. For example, if a contact had been a past client of yours, this contact can be added to your tracking record as a Client Contact. A Prospect Contact could be a potential prospect, who you could use in your marketing campaigns and approach with promotions.

In My Contacts, you can create or import contacts. Importing contacts allows you to import multiple contacts at once from a CSV file. To import contacts click Add Contact and then Import contacts

You can then upload your file. Be sure to check that the file is in CSV format before attempting to upload to Delenta.

For Delenta to import your contacts successfully the CSV file must be organised in a specific format.

Your file should be organised as shown below with first name, last name, email and phone in the first row of cells.

First name, last name and email are mandatory, so please make sure these fields are filled in before uploading the file.

Be sure to check that the email addresses are formatted correctly.

It is highly recommended that you download the CSV template provided on the Import Contacts user interface (see image below).

Click Import to complete and your imported contacts will be displayed in My Contacts with the contact type Client Contact.

How to invite a contact added via the Import function to Delenta?

You can invite a contact that you created or imported to Delenta by clicking on the blue Client Contact or Prospect Contact label. This will direct you to the Invite to a dedicated client portal pop-up. Their information will automatically appear in the form. You can type a specific greeting message to the client or prospect you're inviting and they will receive that message in the email invitation.

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