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Step 6: Invite your clients
Inviting contacts to your coaching platform
Inviting contacts to your coaching platform
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With your account set up, you're all geared up for the next step on your account setup: Adding your contacts to your coaching platform.

To add new users and invite them to use your platform, let's head to the My Contacts page, and click on Invite Clients

You'll add user emails, with a description for the email invitation here.

You can also add multiple contacts in one go using the Import Contact function. These users will be added as Client Contacts and they will not receive any notification from Delenta for adding them to your contact list. If you then would like to invite them to use your platform, you will need to send them an invitation email.

If you would like to add your contacts to your My contacts list individually without sending any invitation emails, you can do so by clicking on CREATE CONTACTS options from the dropdown below.

You can choose to add your contacts as a 'Client Contact' or a 'Prospect Contact'. This will not trigger any emails to your contact. When you are ready to invite them to your portal, you can do so by clicking on the 'Client Contact' or 'Prospect Contact' button.

Email invitation to your clients and prospects.

Once you've added your contacts and/or invited them to the platform, they will receive an email invite from however it will have your name (This will be the first name of your username as the FROM name). Any replies to this email will be redirected to you, not to Delenta.

If you are a Premium customer of Delenta, you are also able to customise the content of the invitation email and FROM name. Here's how to do it.

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