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How to invite users to your coaching platform
How to invite users to your coaching platform
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Delenta allows you to invite your clients/prospects into the platform, so you can easily manage them in one central location with all the necessary tools.

We recognise that inviting a client to your coaching platform is key, hence the ‘inviting client’ functionality is one of the main functionalities you will be using throughout your coaching with Delenta.

How to Invite your own clients/ prospects to the platform

  • In order to invite your existing clients/ prospects, go to My Contacts section.

click the button ‘Invite Clients

Once you select Invite Client then you will need to complete the Invite Client web form.

In order to invite Prospects, select the Client Type as Prospect from the dropdown menu.

You can type a specific greeting message to the client/ prospect you're inviting and they will receive that message with email.

Your client/prospect will receive an email invitation, requesting them to create a password for their account on Delenta. Below is a sample email of what your client will receive, with your personal message included.

Once they click on the 'ACCEPT' button, your client will be taken through a simple onboarding process to setup a password. See Image below, where your client will setup their password to enter into Delenta Client Portal.

Once they setup their password and click 'Continue', they will be taken to their client portal with a greeting message from the coach.

Below is an image of what your clients will see as soon as they enter into their client portal. From here, they will be able to send you a personal message, book their next session or visit coach's profile page simply by clicking your profile picture.

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