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How to publish, Share and Sell your courses
How to publish, Share and Sell your courses

How to share publish, share and sell courses to your clients and leads

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When you have finished building your course, you can now begin to publish your course and its content. You can choose to immediately publish the content, lock or drip the content.

Here is a breakdown of the publishing options and what they mean:

  • Published - Setting the content to published gives your clients immediate access to all published sections. You will need to publish your course in order to share the course with your clients. Once the course is published and shared, all sections in the course set as published will be available for your clients to view and complete.

  • Drip - The drip option allows you to organise the release of the course content over a number of days, providing gradual access to the content. Once you have chosen the drip option you will need to choose when you want the content to be released. For example: If you have chosen 2 days this means that the content will be released and made available to the client 2 days after the course was shared with them.

  • Unpublished - If the content is set to unpublished it is inaccessible and your clients will be unable to see it. When you are first creating your course all content will be set to unpublished. Unpublished sections are not shown to clients, they will not be able to see the section title or the content.

  • Lock - This option means that clients will be able to see that there is content available but are unable to access the course content. You could choose this option if you haven't finished creating a section of your course but want to let your clients know that more content will be available.

You'll need to publish your course in order for it to be displayed on your public profile for your clients or leads to register or purchase.

To publish your course simply click the Publish button, if you would like to publish all of the course sections then select Update all.

If you have chosen to manually update the sections of your course then you would select the Update Course Only to publish the course and allow the individual sections to follow your chosen publishing preferences.

Publishing your Course

Once your course is published, you can still edit and make changes to the course.

Sharing your course

After publishing your course, your course is now available to be purchased or shared easily with clients.

Your published courses are displaying on your public profile ready to be booked by clients or leads.

If you have created a free course then you can easily share it with clients and they will have access to the course content via their Client Portal.

Simply click the share button and enter the name of the client you would like to share the course with.

You can also copy the link for the course and share that with clients or leads to book the course.

If you have created a paid course it will need to be purchased.

Once shared your course or if your paid course has been purchased, you’ll be able to monitor your client’s progress as they complete the course by clicking the Show Analytics button.

Hide your course

If you want a course to be hidden from your public coaching page you can simply select the Hide Course option from the course menu as shown below:

This wil hide the course from your public page and let you share the course privately with your clients.

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