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Creating a digital course for your clients
Creating a digital course for your clients

How to create courses and sell them on Delenta

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Creating your Course

To create a course, head over to My Courses and then select Create your first course.

You’ll need to upload your course image and write your course title along with a short description. You can make changes to your image, title and description later

You’ll then need to choose your course category and type. The course type is either a free course or a paid course. If you have chosen a paid course then you'll need to enter the amount.

Note: Once you've created the free or paid course you will not be able to change the course time. You cannot change a free course to a paid course and vice versa.

If you create a paid course you can change the amount you have priced the course.

You can then either choose to save the course and continue creating it at a later time or date, or you can immediately begin building your course.

You will see your created course listed in My Courses and can easily edit or delete your course.

Here you can also view the analytics for your course once you have published and shared it with clients or once your course has been purchased.

If you have created a free course, once you've added your course content and published the course, you can share it with a simple click.

To add your course content, you can click the edit button or simply click on your course to be redirected.

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