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Create your products and services ready to sell on Delenta to your existing and prospective clients.

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You, as a coach, have things that you offer up to the world. Offerings allows you to let people sign up and/or pay for those things from your own Delenta landing page.

It's pretty straightforward and simple! Your offer can be a free complimentary session (aka discover sessions) or a coaching package or a course you can charge money for.

Delenta not only let your prospective clients book with you, it also let them have any (or all) of the following offerings/products/services:

  1. Free Appointment scheduling - A new client/Lead can be given the opportunity to pick a time for it from your schedule, nicely synced up with your calendar to prevent double booking.

  2. One to One or Individual Coaching Packages - A new client or an existing client can purchase a paid package or register for a free package directly from your landing page.

  3. Group Coaching Packages - A new client or an existing client can either purchase a paid group package and be placed in a paid group or register for a free group package and be placed within a free group.

  4. Course Participation - A new client or and existing client can be placed into one or more of your courses by purchasing a course directly from your landing page. Or register on to receive free course content.

The fact that you can choose to charge money up front for any or all of these services makes Delenta not just a scheduling system for attracting new customers, but also essentially a simple e-commerce system for selling your coaching programs and courses.

That you can offer both Courses and Group coaching as part of an Offering means this system gives you a way to create alternate income streams based on your coaching programs in addition to just your one-on-one work with clients, and this provides a nice, automated funnel for new customers who may choose later to upgrade into your more premium, one-on-one services.

Delenta Courses and coaching packages opens up powerful ways for coaching business of all sizes to make their offerings more accessible and easier to buy.

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