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Keep a track of your to-do lists
Keep a track of your to-do lists

Delenta's To-do lists can keep you on track of your activities for each of your clients.

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Keep track of your to-do list with the Activity tool in Delenta. You can create activities in the associated contact record on My Contacts page on your coach portal.

How to create an activity

  • In your coach portal, navigate to My Contacts

  • In the Contact record you want to associate the activity with, click VIEW DETAILS β†’ Activity

  • If this is the first Activity you are creating, then click on Add a new activity.

  • In the Activity screen complete the following fields to add an activity:

  1. Type: select Call, Meeting, or Note.

  2. Title: enter an Activity name in the Title field.

  3. Short Description: enter details about your activity.

  4. Due date and time: select the due date and time.

  5. Send reminder: select the checkbox, to receive an email reminding of your activity before the due date and time.

  • Click Save.

Note: Only you can see your activities.

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