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Zoom integration with Delenta
Zoom integration with Delenta
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In order to conduct your virtual meetings with your clients or prospects please connect your Zoom account with Delenta in a few clicks.

Once you’re set up, Delenta will automatically create Zoom meeting rooms for each appointment that you can join straight from your calendar. This will ensure that the meeting is only open for the attendees and you can avoid unwanted eavesdropping.

In order to connect your Zoom with Delenta, please follow the below steps

1. Go to the Integrations page which you can find at the bottom of your navigation menu

2. Go to the Zoom Integration and then move the connection toggle to connect the integration

3. Once you switch on the Zoom integration you will be forwarded to the Zoom login screen where you need to use your Zoom login details to connect with Delenta.

4. Now you will be redirected to the Delenta Integration page and Zoom connection will be showing as Connected with the email account attached to your Zoom.

Now all the new appointments and session requests will be conducted through Zoom.

In order to start your session, go to the Upcoming Session area of the dashboard and click the play button.

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