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Delenta has built integrations with the following conferencing systems:

  • Zoom

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Google Meet

In addition to the above integrated solutions, you also have the ability to set up In Person, telephone, Whatsapp and Skype calls.

To host your virtual meetings with clients, prospects or leads, connect your Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet account with Delenta in just a few simple steps.

  1. Access the Integrations page located at the bottom of your navigation menu.

  2. You have the option to link either Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet account by toggling the connection switch.

  3. Once you switch on the Zoom or MS Teams you will be forwarded to the Zoom or MS Teams login screen where you need to use your relevant application login details to connect with Delenta.

  4. With Google Meet, the connectivity is via Google calendar. Without a Google Calendar integration, you will not have the option to use Google Meet as a conference tool on Delenta. So, if you want to give your clients the option to book a session via Google Meet, then please first connect your Google calendar and select a calendar to add your Delenta Google Meet events.

    NOTE: You need to select a Google calendar to add your Delenta events in order to generate Google Meet links for your Delenta events.

  5. Now you will be redirected to the Delenta Integration page and Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet connection will be showing as Connected with the email account attached.

  6. You can connect all of them simultaneously, however you will need to set one of the platforms as your default conferencing system by clicking on Default Conference System radio button.

  7. Your default conference system will be applied to your availability calendar on your profile page, and therefore will be used to create sessions that are requested via your public profile calendar. By default your conference system is set to Zoom.

    If you would like your Leads/prospects to request free discovery sessions on Microsoft Team or Google Meet, then you will need to select Microsoft Teams or Google Meet as your Default by clicking on the Default Conference System radio button.

  8. This Integration will also be applied to your client's portal calendar for packaged session booking. For example if you want your clients to have the option of booking into Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet, then make sure to integrate Delenta to all of these conferencing systems. This will enable Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet conferencing options available to your clients, in addition to default conference types: In Person, Telephone and Whatsapp calls.

Below is an example image of what your clients will be presented with, when you have all of the video conferencing systems integrated.

The image below shows an example of what your clients will see when you have ONLY Microsoft Teams or Google Meet integrated.

When you have all of them integrated, scheduling sessions via the coach portal will give Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet as options for your meeting location, in addition to In Person, Phone, WhatsApp call and Skype Call. See image below:

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