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Scheduling paid sessions and tracking sessions
Scheduling paid sessions and tracking sessions
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Once you’ve created a coaching package or coaching engagement you can easily keep track of the sessions in Delenta.

When you create the appointment in My Calendar be sure to check you’ve selected the Use sold packages to create appointment checkbox before you submit and schedule the session.

When you select the package you will see "Outstanding Sessions" and a number, which indicates the number of sessions remaining.

Delenta will keep a record of all your completed sessions. To ensure that the session is tracked make sure to start the session from Delenta. You can start sessions from the Upcoming Sessions area on your Dashboard, the My Sessions Area and also from the session email confirmation and reminders. Once the session is completed it will show as Completed in the completes sessions tab in My Sessions and will also show on your coaching log.

You can track the number of outstanding sessions in the My Contacts area. A number will be displayed on your client’s image indicating the number of outstanding sessions.

You can also click on your client and head to Package Summary. You can see the number of sessions remaining from the package or engagement and schedule a session directly from that area.

Your client (or prospect) can view the number of remaining sessions from their dashboard on their client portal

They can also request sessions under their purchased package or coaching engagement from their client portal. They can simply click the Book Your Next Session from their dashboard and choose a suitable slot from your availability. They will only be shown the availability that matches the duration of that package. If your client has multiple packages or engagements, they can select the correct package they want to request the session for.

When they go to book a session for their package they will see “Yet to be scheduled” and a number on the package, this indicates the number of sessions in the package that are still available to be scheduled.

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