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Create your first coaching package
Create your first coaching package
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Create a one-to-one coaching Package

On your coaching portal, you are given a set of steps that needs to be completed to create coaching packages.

Coaching Packages

Just click on the “Coaching Packages” section on your portal to create coaching packages. Let’s create our first package by clicking on the “Create Package” button.

Select One to one coaching package and you will be asked to add a title to your coaching packages.

Define the package title, session duration, and number of sessions, and chose the package type, this is either free or paid.

If you are creating a paid package then you'll need to define the price of the package. You can choose to add recurring payment plans.

Please note you must connect your Stripe or PayPal before attempting to create a paid coaching package.

Setup Recurring Payment Plans

You can now provide the option to your client to set up recurring payments. In our example, we are designing a monthly and weekly recurring payment for clients who decide not to go for the upfront payment. Once a client subscribed to your recurring payment plan the money will be collected automatically and billing information will be shared with both coach and the client through emails and the portal.

You can set up a recurring plan to collect money automatically daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly.

To set up recurring plans, select the Recurring Payment Plans check box

In this example, we are creating a monthly and a bi-weekly recurring payment for clients.

You need to enter the amount that they need to pay and the times they need to pay that amount. In this instance, the coach has decided to offer a full payment option of $1000 or $200 x 5 months. They have also given an option to pay biweekly ($100 x 10 bi-weeks).

Make sure you add a detailed and clear description of your coaching services in the description field. If required, you can include images in the description section of the package too.

If you want to upload any terms and conditions of the package or your coaching service offering you can upload them here for clients to give their consent at the time of purchasing the package. Including terms and conditions in your coaching package is optional. You are able to create a coaching package without one.

This should be uploaded as a PDF file to the coaching package area:

  1. You can attach file from your device or

  2. You can attach a file from the My Resources area

If you would like your coaching package to be visible on your profile and available to be purchased by others immediately then select Publish this to my public profile check box. If you do not want your coaching package to be displayed on your public profile immediately then leave this option unchecked, you can always publish your package at a later time.

Click the Create Package button to create the coaching package.

Publishing a coaching package

There are mainly two ways that you can share a coaching package with potential clients to purchase them:

1. Publish the coaching package to your profile

The picture below shows how published packages are shown in the coach's profile for clients to purchase.

2. Share the unique package link with customers by copying the package link and share with them directly.

Just locate the package you want to share and click the three dots in the right top corner of the package. Then click on the Copy Link button of the package and send the link through email or any other way to your client.

Unpublish a coaching package

If you do not like others to see a package in your landing page then click on the "Hide Package" option to unpublish the package to your public landing page.

Once the package is hidden the the option will automatically change to Un-hide Package as shown in the screen below.

If you have any further questions on the package creation process please send an email to

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