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How to share your coaching landing page with others?
How to share your coaching landing page with others?

Start sharing your Delenta landing/ profile page with others using our coaching platform.

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You can find your Unique link to the profile with your availability calendar:

1. Login to your coach portal.

2. On your coach portal dashboard click on the 'Setup your landing page & share profile' from the Let's get Started section.

3. Finally click on "share your unique profile URL" icon.

Click on Setup your landing page & share profile. As a final step click on "share your unique profile URL" icon to share your coaching page with your customers.

3. Alternatively, When you sign in to your Delenta account Click on the "share icon" on your coaching dashboard. Then click on the edit icon to change your URL link. As a final step you can share the generated link among your clients.

How to use this unique link?

  1. You can use in your social media platforms.

  2. In a campaign you can add this link as a CTA.

  3. For more details share it with your customers.

  4. If you own a website, you can link your landing page URL anywhere within your website.

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