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Here's a quick guide to your landing page

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Your landing page is your shopfront to your potential coachees. You can customise your landing page in the ‘Update Profile’ section, and populate your landing page throughout your Coach Portal. We provide the templates, making customising your landing page as easy as possible.


Add your logo, colours, banners and videos (if you choose) to your landing page:

Add your logo in ‘Settings & Privacy’ > ‘Branding and Themes’.

This is also where you can change your theme colours. This will then be reflected on your landing page. In ‘Update Profile’, add videos, images, your story, your qualifications and areas of expertise.

Discovery calls

Clients can book discovery sessions straight from your landing page. If you have a website, you can also embed your calendar there. One of the biggest advantages of using the Delenta calendar for discovery sessions is that your leads will automatically appear in your CRM.

  • Set up your availability in ‘My Calendar’. In ‘Calendar Settings’ choose whether you want discovery call requests to be automatically accepted, and set up how long you want your calls to be.

  • Create a lead form for your discovery calls in ‘Update Profile’. This will help you get qualified leads.

  • Once the discovery session request has been approved, the session will automatically appear on your dashboard and you can join the session with one click. Your lead will also get the link automatically emailed to them.

Share your landing page

Via ‘Update Profile’ you can add your social media and website links to your landing page. For maximum visibility to find new clients, share your landing page on your social media and add it to your social media bio.

Sell your services

Not only can clients sign up for discovery calls from your landing page, they can also sign up for your coaching services here.

  • Add your coaching packages in ‘My Packages’. It’s quick and easy to do this on Delenta, just follow the steps in this article. If you’d like them to appear on your landing page, make you click ‘Publish this to my Public Profile’.

  • Free packages and courses as lead magnets. You can also add free packages and courses to your landing page. This can be an easy way for clients to get a taste of your coaching services, and eventually sign up for a paid service.

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