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Delenta Coaching Dashboard gives you a running record of results, insights and actions that are required by you to manage and keep your coaching business on track.

The top section of the page will give you access to the real-time, birds-eye status of everything going on with your coaching programs in the Delenta platform with the ability to drill down into details such as: How many sessions you have had on Delenta? How many clients are actively working with you on Delenta? How many new leads have you gained through Delenta? How much have you earned to date on Delenta?

The middle section of the dashboard shows the completeness of your Delenta account and how to achieve a complete profile, which will immensely contribute to your credibility within the Delenta community.

As someone looking to coach/guide someone, your profile needs to accurately reflect your qualifications, expertise and experience.

Click on Complete Your Profile to update your profile.

  1. Upload your picture, write an introduction and include images and videos in the gallery: Choose a great profile photo. Having a friendly photo of yourself in your profile helps create trust and shows that you are a real person that clients can talk to.

  2. Add qualification and experience.

  3. Add Social Media links: Connect your social profiles to show that you’re a real person with a genuine interest in coaching someone to achieve their goals and is committed to the community.

Payment setup is the next important thing to do on your account setup. Delenta processes online payments via Stripe for your services offered to clients. Click on Setup Payment to connect your Stripe or Paypal account if you already have one, or create a new Stripe or Paypal account. Once you have set up payment you will be able to create and publish coaching packages. Click here for more on how to create and publish your first coaching package.

The next step would be to set up your availability so that you can schedule appointments with your clients or accept session requests from your clients.

  1. Delenta integrates with Zoom for online audio/video capability, therefore In order to have an online coaching session with a client, you will need to have a Zoom account. You will first have to connect to your existing Zoom account or create a new one through Delenta.

  2. Publish your availability for coaching on ‘My Calendar’

  3. Accept/Decline session requests from clients.

Read How to publish your availability, for more on how to set up your availability for clients.

Once you have received and accepted your session requests from clients, the next is to conduct sessions on Delenta. But, before you do that you will have to follow the below tasks:

  1. Invite your existing clients/new prospect clients to your coaching platform. You can find more on how to invite clients and prospects to Delenta here

  2. Schedule an appointment with your clients

  3. Once the sessions are confirmed by both coach and client, you can start the session on Zoom.

    Read How to create appointments with your clients for more information on scheduling sessions.

    Your Dashboard also gives a graphical representation of your Earnings to date and the number of sessions you’ve had on Delenta for the last 6 months.

    The Upcoming Sessions area is the place where you will come to see what the sessions are scheduled with your clients/prospects. It also allows you to join the session by clicking on the Start button.

    The New Leads area on the Dashboard will give you a list of new leads for you on Delenta. These are individuals who have requested a free discovery call with you. Once a Lead has submitted a request for a discovery call it will show in this area and you can easily accept or decline the session request.

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