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Delenta Teams/ Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise portal that allow you to track and analyze how your coaches and business is performing.

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There are numerous reports in the Team portal that allow your admins to track and analyse how your coaches, clients/ coachees and your business overall is performing.

My engagements shows the coaching engagements for each coach and the information such as the remaining sessions, payment and the account or customer name

CRM show all of the contacts for the company and include information such as the contact type i.e. client, group or account as well as the assigned coach, email and date created

My Reports includes coaching activities, sales, contacts, coaching goals of each coachee/client and sessions that have been scheduled, conducted and cancelled across your team.

Coaching activities shows the sub-coaches coaching log and information on the coaching sessions including time, duration, session type, whether it was a paid or free session and if the sessions are connected to a package, the name of the connected package. Coaching activities report can be filtered by Coach, By Account/Company and also by Session Type. This report will enable you to get understanding of how much clients are engaged in their coaching process with each of your coaches. Knowing that a client is falling behind is actionable information: a chance for a coach to check in and offer whatever support might be appropriate.

Sales report include the sold coaching packages information for the coaches. This report will give you all that is needed to make an actionable gauge of which packages are performing well and with your coaches.

Contacts shows the information for the contacts including the coach, the contacts name, email and their status which includes their contact type such as group, client, client contact etc. and more importantly how well they are doing against their purchased packages.

Goals report shows what coaching objectives have been agreed for each of your coaching clients and a progress reported against coaching objectives.

Sessions report will allow you to see over all your coaches how many sessions have been delivered, booked and cancelled by each of their coaching clients/coachees.

Each report also contains a number of filters that can be applied as per your need and also allows you to export the report to a CSV format to share it with your external stakeholders.

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