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How to setup a custom domain on Delenta
How to setup a custom domain on Delenta

Direct your custom domain to Delenta and connect it to your Delenta profile.

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Before you get started

  • To connect your domain, you will need to update your DNS records. Ensure you have login details for your DNS provider and access to the DNS records.

  • To connect a subdomain to Delenta (such as, you will need to add CNAME records.

  • It is not recommended to use the apex domain to CNAME to Delenta. The recommended way to setup CNAME on the apex domain is, using as an example, to setup a DNS redirect to Most, if not all, DNS hosts support this.

Connect a new domain

To setup a domain in Delenta :

  1. In your Delenta coach account, click on your profile icon at the top right hand corner of your dashboard page and click on Settings & Privacy.

  2. Go to My Domain tab and enter the subdomain you wish to use into the CUSTOM DOMAIN field.

  3. Click Save Settings.

  4. Once the settings has been saved then you can add a new DNS record to your provider.

    You need to add a new CNAME record of the structure:

    Type: CNAME

    Note: We recommend that your check the ''Adding a CNAME record' documentation of your DNS host. Every DNS host has their own way of updating DNS settings.

  5. Once you have done this you can click the Validate button that appears in the My Domain page.

    "Note: It might take a few hours for some DNS hosts to propagate their records."

  6. Once the Validate button succeeds your domain is ready to be used.

  7. By default your profile page will be the homepage of your domain and the client application will reside under /client path of your homepage.

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