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To house discovery calls on Delenta, the first step is to integrate your Zoom account with Delenta. Then you will be able to join sessions straight from your dashboard. If you are not sure how to go about connecting your Zoom account this article goes through the steps.

Setting up your calls

After connecting your Zoom account, you’ll want to set up your availability in My Calendar. When you first go to your calendar the system will help you get your availability set up. You can also add or remove availability slots by clicking straight on your calendar.

Then set up a lead form in your Update Profile section. Prospects will be prompted to answer the questions when they sign up for a discovery call.

Booking calls

Leads can book a discovery call on your calendar from your landing page

Discovery call requests will arrive straight onto your dashboard. Here is also where you can check the answer to lead forms. If you have set up auto-accepted sessions, you will be emailed your prospect’s lead form.

Hosting your discovery calls

After you click Accept Lead a session will automatically be created on your dashboard. The client will also be notified by email and be sent the Zoom link.

You can join the session from your dashboard by clicking ‘Start Session’.

Yes! Delenta takes care of everything by automatically notifying both your prospects plus it will automatically pop onto your integrated calendar too! AND, the reminders will be sent out to both parties before the call.

Offer them the experience of a customer

How about giving your potential customers an experience of how it’s like to become one of your customers? This means you can add them to a portal where you can share resources, sessions, etc.

  • In order to do this you can simply invite them to their own secure portal.

  • The lead’s details will be automatically added to your My Contact page. Click ‘View Details’ to start adding notes.

  • Invite a lead to their own Client Portal by clicking ‘Lead’ on their contact in My Contacts.

They will then be able to join sessions from their own dashboard, and you can communicate with them from within your Coach Portal. You can also then share your notes and assign tasks.

All these actions will help you to increase credibility and professional outlook with your potential clients.

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