Guide to Team Settings

Admins can set their account name, brand theme, and email contents inside the Team Portal

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This is a guide to Settings in Delenta Teams.

Settings is now on the left-hand menu inside the Team Portal.

There are five sections inside the Team Settings area: Team Preference, Branding and Themes, Client Experience, Email Customisation, Subscriptions and Payments.

Team Preference

Here the account owner (the 'Superadmin') can set the Account Name, which will appear in the URL of coach's landing pages. Other admins can only view the Account Name.

Note: after clicking 'Save Settings', please refresh the page to implement the change.

Branding and Themes

Here you can choose the colours and logo which will be reflected on all of your coach's landing pages. The Theme Logo and Primary Colour will also be displayed on all your Coach and Client Portals.

For more details please see this article.

Client Experience

In this section you can customise your client's experience when they first sign enter the Client Portal. You can choose the initial screen and choose to add a welcome message or video. You can also choose access a link and choose a logo for a personalised login screen. For more details please read here.

Email Customisation

Here you can customise the emails that are automatically sent to your client. At the top of the section you can customise the sender name, logo and footer text, ensuring your team brand remains front and centre.

If you scroll down you can choose from dozens of email templates to customise. You can choose the contents whenever a client books an introductory session or books a package, when a coach shares a task or resource, and much more. Please see this article for more details on customising email contents.

Subscriptions and Payments

This section is only visible to the account holder ('superadmin). The account holder can view their billing details, add coaches to their account or cancel their subscription.

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