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How to customise your email reminders
How to customise your email reminders

Customising the way your appointment email reminders are sent to your meeting invitees/attendees

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When you or your invitees schedule a session with you, by default Delenta sends a confirmation email with a link to join the session based on the session type (Zoom, Google Meet, In Person, Skype/Telephone) you choose. Also this automated email will have a link for your invitees that can be used to add to their calendars.

To find out more about how your invitees/clients can use the automated email to add the appointment to their calendar, please check out the article: Client's add the appointment to their calendars


  • If you have connected your Delenta account with a Google or calendar, Delenta will automatically sync this event to your private calendar.

  • If you change event details on your calendar, Delenta automatically updates your private calendar and your Delenta calendar accordinly. Also will inform the invitee/client.

  • If your invitee respond to a calendar invitation, you'll receive the message at the email address associate with your connected calendar.

With your appointment created, Delenta will automatically send three reminder emails by default to your invitees prior to the start time of the meetings. The default reminders are set for:

  1. 24hrs prior to the meeting time

  2. 1hr prior to the meeting time

  3. 15mins prior to the meeting time

Sometimes clients do not wish to receive all these emails reminding them about a meeting, in which case Delenta has given you the option to customise them to satisfy your client's needs.

How to customise my reminders:

Now, all reminder notifications including the number of reminders being sent, the time they are being triggered and the email content can be overrode as desired for your clients. To do so go to:

  1. My calendar page and Calendar Settings

2. Navigate to the meeting reminder preferences.

3. Delete the reminders you do not wish to send to your clients from the 'Client Meeting Reminder Preference' section.

4. You can also customise the reminders the system sends to you from the 'Your Meeting Reminder Preference' section.


  • You can only have a maximum of three reminders per meeting audience.

4. You can add new reminders by selecting the +Add Reminder link.

Note: This link will only appear when you have less than the maximum number of reminders (3).

5. You can also select the drop down menu on each reminder option to further customise your reminders.

Now not only you can schedule meetings easily, you can then setup and customise content of the automated session reminder emails to make sure that everyone has the details they need and remembers to attend.

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