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Sharing coach/session notes with your groups
Sharing coach/session notes with your groups

How to share notes with a group

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STEP 1: Search for your group to create a coach note on and click VIEW DETAILS

STEP 2: Go to Coach Notes tab and click on

to start typing your notes.

STEP 3: If you would like to share your notes with the group tick the Share with [Group Name] checkbox. This will generate an email to all members of the group informing they have a shared note from you.

All members of the group will also be able to view the note via their Delenta client portal (See Image below).

Group members also have the option to add a comment to the shared note by clicking on

. Comments added by clients will be shared with you. You can view comments via your coach portal (see image below of a shared comment from a client in the group)

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