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How to assign tasks for your groups?
How to assign tasks for your groups?

Create tasks for your groups.

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With Group-level assignments and Metrics, you can add real shared accountability within the group.

STEP 1: Search for your group on My Contacts page and click on VIEW DETAILS

STEP 2: Go to Group Tasks tab and click on +Add task

STEP 3: Add a task title, a description, an end date and SAVE (See image below). This will automatically assign the task to all members of the group and send them all an auto generated email informing of their task assignment.

Below is a sample email received by a member of the group regarding the assigned task:

With group level task assignments, you can keep a track of your group member's performance and monitor the progress they are making on the task.

The image below shows how you can get a complete view of the task performance based on the updates added by the members of the group.

Each of your group members will see their assigned tasks via the Delenta client portal, where they can add a note and comment on the progress they make on the task, which will automatically be shared with you.

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