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Setup your booking calendar

Specify when you’re typically available

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One of the features of Delenta is the booking calendar, which allows you to schedule sessions with your clients or prospects easily and efficiently.

Here are some brief instructions on how to set up your Delenta booking calendar:

To set up your availability for taking bookings, you need to connect your preferred video conferencing system to your calendar first. This way, Delenta will share a unique conferencing link with the booking confirmation.

Having connected to your video conferencing, when you first enter to your My Calendar page, you will be taken through guided steps to setup your calendar availability.

Once you complete the guided steps, your availability slots(when you’re typically available take calls) will show up on your Delenta calendar and will be replaced with any conflicting calendar events already sync'd from your Google or Outlook calendars.

Edit your schedule

Your availability schedule can be edited via the Calendar Settings page. Once the new schedule is saved, your previous setting will be replaced by the new one.

In the Calendar Settings area, you can build out schedules to tailor your available hours. You'll notice that you can block entire days altogether. If you want to remove a day, you can simply deselect it. In the below example we have marked Wednesday as unavailable, since we don't want o accept any meeting on Wednesday.

You also have the option to select the duration of your availability slots. Note that these slots are displayed on your public profile page for your discovery/introductory sessions. So if your discovery sessions are 30 minutes long, then you will want to select 30 min meeting option from the Availability slot duration section.

Set up Availability schedules for specific days & times

If you want to offer custom availability schedule in addition to the default schedules setup on your calendar you can create as many schedules as you like for take bookings.

For example, if you are always available on Wednesday from 12 pm to 2 pm, you can choose Weekly as the frequency and select Wednesday as the day of the week. You can also set an end date for your recurrence.

You can create as many different schedules as you like using the Create Availability button on your Calendar page.

To create your availability schedule, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Delenta account and go to the Calendar page.

  • Click on the Create Availability button on the top right corner of the page.

  • Select the Date and Start and End times for your availability. This will define the time slot that you are available for taking bookings.

  • Select the Slot type to define the duration of your usual discovery call time.

You can create as many different schedules as you like using the Create Availability button on your Calendar page. You can also make your schedules recurring if you have a fixed availability pattern.

If you want to make your availability schedule recurring, check the box next to Repeat and choose the frequency and end date of your recurrence.

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