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Embedding Delenta Calendar on your website
Embedding Delenta Calendar on your website
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You can add your Delenta availability booking flow directly to your website, so your site visitors can schedule with you without leaving your site.

Select your website provider to learn more about the embed options available for your website.

Customising your Embed calendar

Button and calendar text colour customisations are available for the calendar widget via Branding and Themes customisation on your coach portal. You can also edit the text shown on the calendar including the Title from the Update Profile page on your coach portal.

Once you are happy with the changes, copy the code to add it to your web page.

How to add your Delenta Calendar to your site

Step 1:

Login to your coach portal and go to Update Profile page

Step 2:

Scroll down to the Coach Availability section of the profile and click on COPY EMBED CODE button.

Step 3:

Simply copy embed code or the website address and place it into your web page. See above for instructions on how to embed code for some of the most popular website platforms.

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